A Little Saddened

I’ve very excited for this journey I’m on.  I think homeschooling my LO will be well worthwhile, but today I just realized I may never do my job again.  I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant and I do enjoy what I do.  I haven’t worked in the last three years since LO was born and now I’m realizing I may never do it again.  It’s possible, that if our finances demand it I could do some per diem hours here and there after homeschooling hours, but if I continue to homeschool him for his entire school career, then that’s going to be 15-20 years before I would return to the work force and I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable doing what I do after that many years, and I seriously doubt anyone would hire me anyways.  So, I may never be a PTA again.  I’m going to miss it.  I won’t miss the bureaucracy of the clinic, but I’ll miss the relationships you create with the patients and staff.  I’ll miss seeing the wonder and beauty of the human body God created upfront.  I’m not sorry I spent the two years in college (although the husband kinda thinks it was a waste now).  I gained a lot of knowledge that I value and it gave me the ability to help a lot of people over the 4-5 years I worked.  I’ll miss it tho.  I’m sure my LO and nurturing his thirst for knowledge will fill that void. Besides, I can’t think of a better thing to spend my time on than teaching him how much Jesus love us and how we can honor him each and every day.


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